Where to begin…

Hello & Welcome!

Why, at the beginning of course! I’m Lala and this is my Keto story.

Several years back I was diagnosed as being Type 2 Diabetic. Not bad enough to be put on meds but enough to have been diagnosed. Per my chart; controlled by diet.
Fast forward a few years I ran into a situation that caused an extreme elevation in my A1c. I was at 8.7 and they slapped some drugs on me.
500 mg Metformin twice a day. What a pain in the ass to remember that second pill at night, especially while at work!

Three months later. I dropped to 6.9 and I was asked what I wanted to do. I knew they wouldn’t take me off of it completely. They’d want to watch and make sure it wasn’t a fluke so I asked if we could cut my dose. My doctor agreed and I went the next 3 months to my next follow up. My A1c had dropped just a little but not too significantly. I asked about removing the Metformin completely and my Doc smiled and said No we’re not taking you off of it. I was so disappointed … I felt as though they never had any intention of taking me off of it.

Well, three months down the line; another followup. I had to see a practice team member. I was weary, different doctor etc. After the basic triage and chat. He asks me, ” Why is your A1c so high? Hmmm” …. Of course I feel like a dear in headlights. I’m doing everything I know how; including tons of research. ( I already added specific vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants).

He says to me … “you’re still eating Carbohydrates aren’t you?” This of course is where I interject and play devils advocate and commentate on how the ADA recommends 1/2 a plate of Veg, 1/4 protein & 1/4 of a starch … He says “NO”… “No Carbs whatsoever. They are poison to you ect … “
I simply comment; Oh so I can do Keto then? His eyes lit up with the surprise that I would even associate Keto. I explained, “I wasn’t a blind patient in my own treatment. My goal is no more meds. Period.”

So in June of 2018 I began my Journey and it’s been an adventure in Keto ever since! In three months my A1c had gone from 6.7 to 5.3 and I had lost 13 lbs. Wow what an achievement! I was stoked. By my next 3 month recheck. My A1c was down to 4.9 and I had lost a total of 33 lbs in 6 months and between 1-2 pant sizes. I’ve never truly seen let alone heard a doctor be truly proud of a patient let alone. Of me.

I am now considered in Remission and I have been Metformin FREE! But as my doctor mentioned; “Keto is your life, there is no going back”. I know this Doc. It’s a lifestyle change that can add Life back into the equation.

I’m seven months in and I keep finding awesome ways of creating tasty favorites and then some. I did all that I have done by simply changing my dietary habits. Counting my Macros and switching out Grains, Starches. Complex and Simple Carbs. For healthy fats, moderate proteins, very low Net Carbs (NC’s) and screw the calories ( Ok within reason, right?).

Honestly, have you ever been told that bacon is one of the best parts of your diet? Well, now you have.

So I hope you follow along and enjoy. I’ll be posting my journeys, trials and triumphs with learning how to cook a whole new way. Join me on my #ketoadventures and remember … #happyeating #keeponketoon